Instructions for Outlook Express

Note: All clicks are single clicks


  1. Open outlook express.
  2. Click on tools.
  3. A drop down box will appear.
  4. Go down to message rules.
  5. Go over to the right to mail and left click .
  6. A new mail rules window will appear.
  7. Under # 1 where it says "select the conditions for your rules", click on that box that says "where the subject line contains specific words".
  8. Under # 2 where it says "select the actions for your rules" , click on the box that says "move it to a specific folder".
  9. Under # 3 where it says "rule description", click on the underline text "contains specific words "and another window will appear.
  10. Type *ADV*, click on add, click on ok, that will take you back to the new mail rule window.
  11. Under # 3 where it says "rule description", click on the under line text "specified " and you will open a new window.
  12. If you have a spam folder, click on the folder.
  13. If you do not have a spam folder, click on new folder which will bring up a new window, called new folder, type spam, click ok, click on the spam folder, click ok
  14. That brings you back to "new mail rules"
  15. Go down to section # 4, highlight text name of the rule, and name your rule, click ok, click ok.