Instructions for Outlook


All clicks are single clicks


  1. Open outlook.
  2. Click on tools.
  3. A drop down box will appear.
  4. Go down to rules wizard.
  5. A window will appear that says " rules wizard".
  6. Click new, another "rules wizard" window will come up.
  7. Click on "check messages when they arrive", click next.
  8. Click on the box that says "with specific words in the subject".
  9. Go down to the box underneath that says "rule description", and click on the underlined text "specific words".
  10. A new box will appear, type *ADV*, click add, click ok, that will bring you back to the "rule wizard’, click on next.
  11. Click on the box that says "move it to a specific folder", go down to the box underneath it that says " rule description "Click on the underline text specified.
  12. If you have a spam folder, click on the folder.
  13. If you do not have a spam folder, click on new, which will bring up a new window, under name type Spam, where it says select where to place folder, click on your personal folder, click ok.
  14. A new box will appear "add shortcut to outlook bar". If you do not know what this means, click no, then a rules wizard box will appear, click on the name folder that you created, then click ok.
  15. Click finish.