Exceptions for Outlook Express


Note: All clicks are single clicks


  1. Open outlook express.
  2. Click on tools.
  3. A drop down box will appear.
  4. Go down to message rules.
  5. Go over to the right to mail and left click, a message rule window will appear.
  6. Click new and a new mail rule window will appear.
  7. Under # 1 where it says "select the conditions for your rule", click on that box that says "where the from line contains people".
  8. Under # 2 where it says "select the actions for your rule", click on the box that says "stop processing more rules".
  9. Under # 3 where it says "rule description", click on the underlined text "contains people" and another window will appear.
  10. Type the person that you want excluded, click on add, click on ok, that will take you back to the new mail rule window.
  11. Go down to section # 4, highlight text name of the rule, and name your rule, example: (excluded) click ok.
  12. That will bring you back to message rules.
  13. Click the "move up" box.
  14. Click ok.