Exceptions for Incredimail

Note: All clicks are single clicks


  1. Go over to folder area, right click on empty space, go to new folder, click on it, type "newinbox", press enter key.
  2. Click on tools.
  3. A drop down box will appear.
  4. Go down to message rules, click it and a new window will appear called "message rules".
  5. Click add, a new window will appear that says " message rule".
  6. On the IF box, click on the down arrow, go to "from line contain", left click, on the next box over type *persons name*.
  7. Under the "then box", click the down arrow, and go to "move it to" and click.
  8. Go over to the third box that has 3 dots in it, and click on it.
  9. A new window will appear called folder browse.
  10. Click on the newinbox, click ok, click ok, a message rules window will appear.
  11. Check on the rule you just made and then at bottom, click on the move up box
  12. Click close.