Our Mission Statement

Here at Allsoft / Goldlink, Inc., we strive to provide our customers with many various services at the most affordable price. We believe it is very important to work with the community.  We shop at the same stores, live in the same sub divisions, and eat at the same restaurants. If our service helps local people save money that in turn builds locally economics. You have to think if it is money saved locally, it is money spent locally.  Allsoft / Goldlink Inc. is always striving to be the first to bring unique services to our customers.  We stay on the cutting edge because we ourselves like to be on the cutting edge.

Investment Opportunities

We are always looking for investors to give them a good return on their investment and a good opportunity when we go public.  If you wish to contact us for opportunities then please do.  To the folks who already have invested we would like to say Thanks. We would like to thank many of our private investors pushing our expansion into new locations throughout Georgia. At this time we are not a publicly traded company. However from time to time when local community business relations and people stress high demand for service in an area we welcome the opportunity to work with those investors to establish a new area of service.