Allsoft was started in 1993 as a Prime Contractor doing software development on Robins Air Force Base.  Its primary expertise at that time was the F15 Radar.  As time went on Allsoft did any type of software ranging from screen scraping to Web development.  Allsoft remains today as the defense portion of Allsoft / Goldlink Inc.  Allsoft is fluent in many languages as well embedded processors.


In 1997 Goldlink was added as a full service Internet Service Provider and still remains the last locally owned and operated ISP in Middle Georgia.  In 2001, Allsoft and Goldlink became Allsoft / Goldlink Inc. which is still in full operation today.  Goldlink has been first in many things.  Goldlink was the first company to broadcast a live event over the internet.  We were the first to broadcast both live local high school football games and college basketball games on the internet in Middle Georgia.  Goldlink brought a local TV show to the internet.  Goldlink streamed several radio stations live as well as a 24 hour news station.  Then Goldlink again became the first to offer High Speed Wireless Internet in Warner Robins, Georgia.