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  Allsoft / Goldlink, Inc.  


We are your "full service" Internet Provider
and offer the following services:

  • High Speed Wireless Internet Service
  • Nationwide Dialup Internet Service
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) Phone Service
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Services
  • Email Services
  • Networking Services
  • Computer Repair
  • Custom Software
  • Community Wireless
  • Co-Location

  Here at Allsoft / Goldlink, Inc., we strive to provide our customers with many various services at the most affordable price. We believe it is very important to work with the community.  We shop at the same stores, live in the same sub divisions, and eat at the same restaurants. If our service helps local people save money, that in turn builds local economics. You have to think if it is money saved locally, it is money spent locally.

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality service. We have the latest equipment, the best connects, the fastest speeds in the areas and the best technical support. You will find for the money we can't be beat. Call us today at 478-953-1815 for all of your internet needs or for all of your computer needs as well!